Spring Time Fun


Kevin Mazuera, Staff Writer

Spring time means flowers a blooming and summer is on the horizon. Here are some activities that are perfect to do during the beautiful spring weather. 


Gardening is perfect for spring due to the amount of rainfall and sunshine the spring months bring. Gardening is one of my personal favorite hobbies because of the amount of things you can plant: from flowers to food.

Flowers are a great way to decorate both the interior and exterior of your home while food obviously offers nutritional benefits being home grown. Something I like to do is pick strawberries and make a strawberry tart with them.

Take a walk 

At first glance, taking a walk may sound boring, but it can be truly incredible. The spring time provides a beautiful scenery by mixing a beautiful sky, light green grass, and blooming flowers. Not only is the atmosphere pleasing, but there is much less humidity than there is in the summer and no mosquitos.

Have a Picnic

Spring is the perfect time for a picnic. It’s not too hot and the bugs aren’t bad yet. There will be fewer flies fighting you for your food than there is in the summertime. 


Sports are usually a nice way to breathe in the fresh air and get exercise while playing a game. However, some of the main sports are during winter and fall, which makes it extremely hard to go outside. Not only that, they require heavy clothing and more than just a ball. This is why spring sports are perfect. Consider soccer, track, swim, tennis, or golf. All of these only require a piece of equipment, light clothing, and a place to play. 

Park Activities

Spring is the perfect time to go to the park and engage in both calm and exciting activities. Some parks include swing sets or playgrounds while others just contain a flat field. Some like Mount Trashmore include both a playground and hill. Whether it’s flying a kite or just playing a simple game of tag, the park offers a large variety of activities to do. 


There are so many active spring activities to enjoy before it gets super hot, humid, and buggy outside.