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The morning challenge of SunDevil Drive


Serena Johnston

The number of busses turning left off of Lynnhaven Parkway limits the number of cars that can get through each light cycle.

Riley Robbins, Staff Writer

Traffic coming into school has always been a topic of frustration for both staff and students. This year in particular, with more students driving or being dropped off in the morning, traffic has been worse than usual. Given that struggle the SunDevil Times asked:

What would be the best possible solution to the traffic situation in the morning?

“I think the best way to solve this problem is to encourage students who live close to walk or ride a bike to school if possible.” – freshman Christian Cooper

Traffic wasn’t as bad as usual on Friday December third around 7:05AM. (Serena Johnston)

“We need a traffic guard by the light like the middle school has to keep the flow moving. We also need to let the cars enter the parking lot before the walkers.” freshman Ivette DeJesus

“I would start by recommending students to go to sleep earlier so they can wake up earlier and even out the flow of traffic coming in the morning.” – sophomore Alexis Morgan

“Make the traffic lights longer when entering the school because there only like 10 seconds. The flow would move faster if they were closer to one minute and more cars could enter into the parking lot in a timely manner.”- sophomore Hunter Velzis

“I think the most efficient way to help the flow is to have two or three cross guards. One at the light, one near the tennis court, and one by the stop sign to keep all parts moving.” – junior Caden Ewell

“Having officer Bennington directing traffic in the morning to keep the flow moving.” junior Kailee Haske

“Allow two turning lanes on Lynnhaven parkway that continues on Sundevil Drive allowing students to dropped off on the front of the building” – senior Josh Stephen

The number of busses turning left on Lynnhaven Parkway limits the number of cars that can get through each cycle. (Serena Johnston)

“The lights need to be longer and the flow into and out of the parking lot needs to be faster. We should also be able to use the front entrance and not just the b stairs entrance because then parents can drop off in the front instead of having to go all the way around the student lot clogging it up.” – senior Riley Sheridan.

“I think that the possible creative solution could be to utilize the MS parking lot as a quick que drop off area for students who don’t mind walking the short distance from the back of the middle school parking lot to Salem high school. Also, something we could do as a city would be to pave a walkway for students who decide to take this alternative route.”- coach Lloyd Deloatch

“Have a security at the front directing two  lanes coming from the middle school so we have two turning lanes and have parents drop students off in the circle so its non stop”- Coach Shawn Wilson