March Madness recap

College basketball’s main event


Riley Robbins, Staff Writer

March Madness, a competition of Division I men’s basketball tournaments, is one of College basketball’s biggest events. There are four rounds of competition, west, east, midwest and south. The western and the eastern sectors compete against each other, 

The term March Madness was coined by a high school in Illinois. The competition started as an eight team competition in 1929 with Oregon placing first. This year, there are 68 teams competing. The NCAA tournament grew to 16 teams in 1951, and then doubled to 32 in 1975 and once again to its current 64 in 1985. The open-rou cxxvnd game was introduced during 2001 and three more games in 2011. Here are this year’s results.


Gonzaga v. Georgia state

Boise state v. Memphis

UCONN v. New Mexico State

Arkansas v. Vermont

Alabama v. Notre Dame

Texas Tech v. Montana State

Michigan State v. Davidson

Duke v. California st. Fullerton

Baylor v. Norfolk State

North Carolina v. Marquette

Saint Mary’s v. Indiana

UCLA v. Akron

Texas v Virginia Tech

Purdue v. Yale

Murray v. San Francisco

Kentucky v. Saint peters

Arizona v. Wright

Seton hall v. TCU

Houston v. UAB

Illinois v. Chattanooga

Colorado state. v. Michigan

Tennessee v. Longwood

Ohio State v. Loyola Chicago

Villanova v. Delaware

Kansas v. Texas Southern

San Diego State v. Creighton

Iowa v. Richmond

Providence v. South Dakota State

LSU v. Iowa State

Wisconsin v. Colgate

USC vs. Miami 

Auburn v. Jacksonville state



Gonzaga v. Memphis

New Mexico State v. Arkansas 

Notre Dame v. Texas Tech

Michigan State v. Duke

Baylor v. North Carolina

Saint Mary’s v. UCLA

Texas v. Purdue

Murray State v. St. Peters

Arizona v. TCU

Houston v. Illinois

Michigan v. Tennessee

Ohio state v. Villanova

Kansas v. Creighton

Richmond v. Providence

Iowa State v. Wisconsin  

Miami v. Auburn



Gonzaga v. Arkansas

Texas Tech v. Duke

North Carolina v. UCLA

Purdue v. Saint Peters

Arizona v. Houston

Michigan v. Villanova

Kansas v. Providence

Iowa State v. Miami 



Arkansas v. Duke

North Carolina v. Saint Peters

Villanova v. Houston

Kansas v. Miami 


                                                                     FINAL 4

North Carolina v. Duke Kansas vs. Villanova 



 North Carolina             Kansas



University of Kansas