Ways to destress before finals

Reminders of some age old advice


Nadia Henry, Staff Writer

It is normal to feel stressed before a test, finals, or any type of quiz you may have, b ut being overly stressed can cause a person to perform worse on an assessment. 

Here are some tips to help with stress before taking finals. 

  • Taking a deep breath can help calm your nerves. 
  • Get good rest. Make sure you go to sleep at a reasonable time, so you can be up and feeling good for your final. 
  • Study in quiet places for peace of mind with no distractions. 
  • Stay off your phone. Social media distracts you from what’s important. 
  • Meditation helps with anxiety. It’s like a block out from the world.
  • Take breaks from studying, and go outside and have fun. 
  • Write down what’s stressing you out and focus on ways to help you understand that subject or topic.

Try these tips out if you have any stress or anxiety before your finals, a quiz, or a test. They may help.