A/B vs. Hybrid Scheduling

Students and teachers opinions on the new hybrid schedule

A/B vs. Hybrid Scheduling

Riley Robbins, Staff Writer

When students received their schedules in August they looked different than in previous years. The A/B schedule which had been followed for over a decade was changing. Virginia Beach City Public Schools was introducing a new hybrid schedule. Some classes remain in the A/B format, while others are now on a 4×4 format. Four by four classes meet every day for a semester instead of every other day for a year.

There have been mixed reviews to the schedule changes. Senior Caden Ewell isn’t a huge fan of 4×4.

“Everyday feels the same with the hybrid schedule,” said Senior Caden Ewell. “I miss having a variety of different classes every other day so I don’t get tired of going to the same ones every day.”

Catering Teacher, Chef Shirley Voludakis’ schedule was thrown off my the new format.

“Me, being the catering teacher, I have to be off the first block every single day because I’m a department chair, which forces me to teach during the fourth block when I would normally be shopping for my catering class which takes a lot of my time,” said Voludakis.

Others appreciate the opportunities the hybrid schedule allows.

“I prefer the Hybrid schedule because it gives me and other students the opportunity to graduate early instead of taking classes I don’t need,” said senior Nadia Wells, who plans to graduate early.

With the 4×4 schedule, seniors have the opportunity to graduate after the end of the first semester if they have enough credits to do so. The schedule is also helpful for classes that benefit from meeting every day.

“I think for the intro to culinary class it’s really good. It’s faster for the kids to get in the kitchen sooner and it’s a great opportunity to get kids in the program sooner because we always have high enrollment numbers in the class. Catering class has been really difficult to fit in everybody’s schedule with students taking so many other classes especially AP. Since AP classes are year long, I think Catering should be an AP class because it’s an extension from culinary arts and it’s a two credit class” said Voludakis.

Senior Soni McMillion loves taking psychology in the 4×4 format.

“I’m so comfortable with my class because we see eachother every day and I love the subject so I get to do it every day,” said McMillion.

The biggest complaint about hybrid scheduling is that it is limiting.

“You can’t take certain classes because the schedules don’t line up,” said senior Emily Euler. “A lot of people didn’t get their first choice for electives because of the scheduling.”

Only time will tell if the hybrid schedule is here to stay, but students and staff are figuring it out as we go for the time being.