Delving into Dungeons & Dragons

A peek into Salem’s Tabletop Games Club


Kathleen Capistrano, Staff Writer

Dungeons & Dragons is a famous tabletop RPG (roleplaying game) featuring extensive character customization, fantasy adventure, and action strategy.

“DnD is, with a blanket definition, a tabletop roleplaying game set in a fantasy or science fiction world. But the way I see Dungeons & Dragons is an outlet for people to come together,” said band teacher Andrew Smith.

Band teacher Andrew Smith. (Photo by: K. Capistrano)

This collaborative game is available to those who join Salem’s new tabletop games club; sponsored by Mr. Smith in room 504.

“Tabletop club is an outlet for students who want to participate in a social gathering of collaboration and team building skills while overcoming certain obstacles to work well with others and to overall add a fun, engaging aspect to classical critical thinking and problem-solving skills,” said Smith.

In Dungeons & Dragons, one person becomes the Dungeon Master (DM), which is essentially the world creator. They control almost all parts of the game, except for player actions.

“The component I find the most fun is that you can basically do anything with whatever character you want,” said junior Sadie Clifford. “It’s just a fun way of being creative.”

The other players get to make their own characters. Dungeons & Dragons offers a wide range of character customization, including picking a race, class, personality, and backstory. Though it sounds very complex, many people in the club are willing to teach new players. 

“The club is open to anyone, regardless of experience,” Smith added.

The Dungeons and Dragons Club. (Photo submitted by: A. Smith)

During the game, each player explains their character’s chosen actions, such as attacking or interacting with an object, to which the DM describes the outcome or result of that action.

 Polyhedral dice are used to determine whether or not an attack hits, and an eight-sided die is used to see how much damage was dealt.

“I would recommend everyone who enjoys humor, and who has a battle-hungry goblin inside them to try it out at least once,” said senior Taylor Lipinski.

Those who are interested in meeting new people and bonding over games are encouraged to join. There will be more games introduced to the club soon.

“Whether you have heard about it through either Stranger Things or some other popular culture, the game is for anyone who is willing to learn how to play or someone who just enjoys board games or any kind of gaming in general.

We accept anyone,” said Smith. Through the tabletop games club, Mr. Smith hopes to bring students together through either the shared love of Dungeons & Dragons or just new experiences.