Her Loss

A review of Drake & 21 Savages new album


Riley Robbins, Staff Writer

Her Loss is a 16 track album released by Drake and 21 Savage on November 4. It is no secret that Drake and 21 Savage have an extremely close friendship, which is shown on the track “Treacherous Twins” where they rap about the loyalty of close friends.

Drake is known for his R&B sensibilities in hip hop, which is reflected throughout the album. Drake has been at the forefront of the rap game since charting on the Billboard hot 100 chart in 2009. 

21 Savage has made his path in the rap game by making himself known as one of the hardest trap artists of our generation. In his solo track, “3AM on Glenwood,” 21 expresses the adversity and tragedies he faced growing up.

Drake doesn’t hold back on the album, firing what I feel are uncalled for and disrespectful disses at many artists and celebrities.  On the track “CircoLoco ” Drake claims rapper Megan Thee Stallion lied about getting shot by rapper Tory Lanez back in 2020. Then, he takes a shot at upcoming rapper Ice Spice in the track “BackOutsideBoyz” which states “She a 10 tryna rap, it’s good on mute.” She clapped back on Twitter replying “at least ima 10.”  It surprised many that he even threw a diss at Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian. I didn’t see that coming. In “Middle of the Ocean” he says “sidebar, Serena, your husband a groupie/ He claims we don’t got a problem/ No, boo, it is like you coming for sushi.” Fans have put out on social media that they don’t believe Alexis deserved the “groupie” diss. Drake remains unapologetic.

Songs like “Spin Bout U” carry the album while songs like “Middle of the Ocean” bring down the quality. In my opinion, I would say the album is a solid four stars out of five. If it included more of 21 savage, I think it would be borderline perfect.