A day in the life of Jahrell Walton

The life of student athletes is busy

DeJuan Lewis, Staff Writer

A day in the life of a student athlete, senior Jahrell Walton.

¨A daily schedule for me is just school, practice, and then go home and do whatever school work I didn’t do in school,¨ said Walton. 

Jahrell Walton is a student athlete and manages his time wisely. His main focus is his grades. Football comes second. He makes sure his grades ¨are how they are supposed to be¨ so he can get into college.

¨I make sure whatever I spend my time on I do it to my full potential and I learned how to wrap my day up at night so I can get a good sleep,¨ said Walton.

Senior Jahrell Walton runs the ball down the field at a game at home against Ocean Lakes. (Photo by: M. Dippery)

Walton is precise in his time management. He wakes at 6AM and then is at school from 7:20AM-6PM for classes and practice and on game days 7:20AM-9:30PM. Even so, he trys to make sure he stills goes to bed around PM for a good rest so he can do it all over again.

¨As a student athlete it is really important to manage your time wisely and I feel like he has great time management skills,¨ said Walton’s friend, senior Dwan Skinner.

Walton’s time management skills doesn’t go unnoticed by his teammates.

(Photo by: M. Dippery)

“I have known him since forever and he always was good at managing his time, he made time for football and basketball and was also an A B student,” said sophomore Ari Watford.Walton is an inspiration to his teammates and an asset to our school on the field and in the classroom.