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Mcdonald’s Sauces: A review


Zolie Pope, Staff Writer

Since 1955, McDonald’s has been a staple of American culture. With 38,000 locations worldwide, it is time to ask the question; what makes it so special? I decided to try out their famous sauces. 

Sauces can be paired with any McDonald’s entrée, but are advertised to be best when used for dipping Mcnuggets. So I went to McDonald’s and got a 10-piece chicken nugget combo with every sauce they had.

McDonald’s Sauces (Creamy Ranch, Honey Mustard, Spicy Buffalo, and Sweet Chili) (Free Domain Image: CC).

1. Tangy bbq


This is a perfect barbeque sauce. It has the right amount of sweetness and tanginess, while not being too thick or too thin in consistency.  

2. Spicy buffalo sauce 


This sauce has just the right amount of spice and a very appetizing orange color, but a very thin consistency making it hard to taste at first. 

3. Creamy ranch sauce


This one didn’t really wow me. It wasn’t too thick or thin in consistency, but it was very mild in taste. I could not really taste the seasoning of the sauce at all. 

4. Honey mustard 


I do not like honey mustard at all, so it was hard for me to enjoy this to any extent. It did have a good consistency similar to the barbeque sauce, so I gave it a fair rating, but please note that I have a bias against honey mustard. 

5. Honey 


This was the worst one by far. It did not compliment the nugget well at all, giving it a taste of chicken, plastic, and sugar. The sauce had a disgustingly thick consistency that was extremely unappetizing. 

6. Sweet ‘n sour sauce 


I liked this one. I definitely tasted both sweetness and tanginess at the same time. The only negative thing is it has a runny consistency. 

     After review, I conclude that barbecue is the best sauce served at the Mcdonald’s franchise. Although I did not enjoy all of the sauces, I will say they are definitely worth it, because there is something for everyone to choose from. Overall, I would give the sauces as a whole an 8/10. There are definitely some good flavors that provide many different ways to make your meal unique.