Track by Track: Midnights [Part 2]

Reviewing the bonus tracks on Taylor Swift’s Midnights (3am Edition)


Anna Grace Riegle, Editor in Chief

Taylor Swift continues her tenth studio album, Midnights, in seven enchanting tracks that make the 3am Edition. Swift slated these seven stories to the 3am Edition because she felt they didn’t quite fit the original concept, but shared equally important stories. These tracks were some of my favorites, as they strayed from the bedroom-pop feel of the original album.

Producer Aaron Desner, who worked with Swift on Folklore and Evermore, worked on a few of the tracks added in the 3am Edition. His work on tracks like “The Great War” and “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” satisfied my craving for more dynamic production. 

The Great War

I love this song. The heavy synth, drums, and chords make it interesting. The lyrics struck me even as a sound-oriented person, I really loved the line, “Diesel is desire, you were playing with fire”. I noticed the use of flower references throughout the song, which I suspect are on purpose to counter the imagery of war. This song is incredibly clever but also just a good listen. But of course I see the potential for it to be better. The loop of chords in the background stays almost the same throughout the whole song, and I feel like it could use some elevation in the chorus. 

Bigger than the whole sky

The slow pacing of this song initially bored me. I like the lyrics and melody, and the instrumental is pretty. Not much stuck out to me though.


I’m not obsessed with this song but I don’t hate it. The lyrics are fun and reminiscent of the themes in 1989. I don’t hate the production but feels a little dated. The verses are cute and I like the bridge, but I’m bored with the post-chorus. 

High Infidelity

This is my favorite song on the album hands down. I initially didn’t think much of it but then I just kept listening to it over and over again. The lyrics kept coming back to me, the utter drama in  “Do I really have to chart the constellations in his eyes?” and “Do I really have to tell you how he brought me back to life?” is just irresistible. The production is nothing new but I just really adore the sound of this song. 


I can’t lie I really wanted to like this song because of the title, and I’m relieved I ended up liking it a lot. I love the drama of the guitar loop and the layering of her vocals. The lyrics are clever and cute, but I might be biased because I can relate to them.  

Would’ve could’ve should’ve

“Would’ve could’ve should’ve” is the most intense song on this album. The folksy production is beautifully executed. The percussion is heavy and demands a listen, well portraying Swift’s message behind the lyrics. If there’s anything I took from this song, it’s that Desner knows how to make a production-heavy song that still puts the spotlight on Swift’s lyrics. 

Dear Reader

Midnights (3am Edition) ends on an underwhelming note. The song is produced well, but like every other song on the album. Yet, the only part I really don’t like in the song is the chorus. I like the use of autotune, and the lyrics are interesting. The outro feels long, but tasteful to end the album with.

I loved so many of these songs, I’m surprised they were only released as bonus tracks. Nevertheless, I can see Swift’s vision behind the concept album that is Midnights

Midnights (3am Edition) is available on all major music platforms.