Yearbook dues and deadlines

Make sure you order your yearbook before it’s too late


Irene Straw, Staff Writer

Yearbooks are a staple of the high school experience that last a lifetime. Adults long-since graduated can pull one out to reminisce about high school memories. While that may be a romantic way to look at it, yearbooks undeniably provide alumni the opportunity to look back and remember things that they otherwise would have forgotten. That’s why it’s best that students, and also parents, know how to get yearbooks, what they cost, and some extra features that can be purchased.

“We’re going to put some QR codes up around the building,” yearbook adviser Patrick Connolly said regarding where to pre-order yearbooks online. “And we’re going to send out notices to class officers or class advisors so they can send the link out.”

The link to the yearbook pre-order site is Salem High School | Jostens. Pre-ordering lasts until May 15th and guarantees the student a yearbook while also allowing them to purchase through credit or debit cards. Otherwise, students will have to wait until later in May or early June to purchase a yearbook with cash on a “first-come, first-served” basis. 

“People should get yearbooks because they document all of the amazing memories that students have made throughout the year,” said yearbook co-editor Emily Euler. “Someday after high school you can look back on all the fun experiences you got to share.”

Yearbooks cost $85.00, but they may cost more if purchased with the signature package. The signature package includes an extra eight page autograph section and five multicolored markers designed for yearbook signing. It costs an extra $19.00, totaling $104.00 for one yearbook.

Another feature students, but only seniors, may purchase are Yearbook Recognition Ads, or senior ads. Due on the 9th of February, senior ads are pages in the back of the yearbook that highlight individual seniors. They are usually purchased and designed by parents. Senior Ads start at $125.00. The price depends on how much of a page is purchased (full page, half page, or quarter page), and they require the student and or their family to send in pictures and/or text for the design.

“It’s up to the family what pictures they use. I’ve seen baby pictures or pictures when they’re young and then pictures when they’re in high school,” said Connolly. “I’ve seen in other schools where sometimes a group of friends will get together and split the cost of the whole page and have pictures of the two or three of them together.”

In addition to pictures of all students and staff, photos capturing spirit weeks and school events will be placed throughout the book as well. 

“This year we have the opportunity to include a lot more activities as we return to the normal schedule post COVID,” said Euler. “Also, we will be including a new section this year with spring sports and activities which we have not been able to cover in years past!”

For any further questions regarding yearbooks, visit the ordering website or go to room 233 and ask Mr. Connolly.