Jayden Andrews: Drummer extraordinaire

Recognized as a drummer and as an African American Student Leader


Jordan Fielder, staff writer


Senior Jayden Andrews is a member of the instrumental strand of the academy. Andrews’ talents were highlighted during the Holiday Showcase and students were left wanting to know more about this drumming powerhouse.

Q: When and how did you find your passion for drumming?

A: So I was about three years old and my mom bought me a drum set. I started mentoring under my church drummer. Then I started playing for my church and continued to progress. I started doing drum covers in middle school by request.

Q: What is it like being recognized as an African American Leader in your community?

A: It is truly an honor that I have been chosen to represent my fellow African Americans.

Senior Jayden Andrews performs live at the 2022 Holiday Showcase. He wowed the crowd with his phenomenal drumming skills. (Photo by: A. Rakowski)

Q: Do you plan to continue drumming after high school?

A: I want to, yeah. But I also want to become a federal officer so I feel like I may not have enough time to do it.

Q: Do you feel like it is easier to drum for the school or for your church, why?

A: I feel like it is easier to drum for school because I am around people my age and perform in front of a crowd that I know. At church, I don’t really know everybody that is there.

Q: What is your favorite genre to drum?

A: I drum all genres, so I don’t really have one. I feel like I can do my thing in any genre and show out.

Q: Do you enjoy the film “ Whiplash?” Explain why or why not.

A: I do not because it is not accurate. Nobody bleeds when they play the drum like that and if they do it is because they are hitting their knuckles on the drums which is improper technique.

Q: Is it stressful to play in front of an audience and, if so, how do you handle it?

A: It is nerve wracking, but when I get in front of the crowd I kind of go into a different type of mental state where I don’t care and have fun. I perform better when doing a show than I do practicing.

Q: Where do you do most of your performances?

A: School and church, but mostly school. I really enjoy the energy that comes with performing at school.

Q: What would you say to other people who are hoping to get into drumming?

A: Just do it. You have nothing to lose.