Word Search Fun

Word searches have more benefits than you would think


Julia Dixon, Staff Writer

Word searches are fun, but did you know that they can actually benefit the brain? A word search is a great thing to do when you’re bored or wanting a challenge.

According to the Gifted Guru website, doing regular word searches can actually improve your spelling. Improved spelling skills can help you in school and career.

Word searches can also introduce you to new vocabulary which could even help on the SAT.

Doing word searches can help pattern recognition develop in children which is important because it helps to make connections that are logical and be able to predict what is going to happen next. 

According to Jessica Caldwell, PhD, neuropsychologist for Cleveland Clinic anything [including word searches] that gives you a learning experience or cognitive challenge is what’s most important” for keeping your brain healthy.

Word searches are fun and good for the brain. Two in one! Senior Marqual Howell likes word searches. 

“I feel like it’s just the fun of it, the fun of finding the word,” said Howell. “Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s backwards. It’s just the motivation to find that word that you can’t find that makes it fun.” 

Word searches can also just be something to occupy our mind when we’re bored.

“I don’t think anything inherently makes them fun because I normally do them when I am bored,” says senior Trent McGarrigle. Word searches are definitely something to do in your free time when you have nothing else to do. “

Next time you’re sitting around with nothing to do, consider a word search rather than scrolling Tick Tok or Instagram. A great place to start is WordSearch.com.