Dodgeball Tournament

Information about dodgeball


Riley Robbins, Staff Writer

In a few weeks, the class of 2023 will be hosting a dodgeball tournament. Each team is made up of seven people with a sponsor. For those who are looking to participate in the tournament, you will need to have waivers and $20 turned into Mrs. Krell in room 214 by March 14th. 

Here is some more information about the tournament from it’s leaders:

Victoria Macoul (Sponsor of the Class of ‘23)

Q: What is the dodgeball tournament doing for the senior class?

A: “The dodgeball tournament is providing an opportunity to raise funding for prom so we can lower the cost of tickets for seniors and it is giving us the opportunity to strengthen Salem spirit through student activities.”

Q: What are your expectations for the tournament?

A: “My expectations are a spirited competition between students, successful fundraising effort for the senior class, and a fun time to be had by all.”

Q: What caused this dodgeball tournament to happen?

A: “So traditionally, every year there is a staff versus students basketball game held in the spring. This year, the senior class wanted to try something different and hold an event that would allow more students to participate. The idea of a dodgeball tournament was perfect because it aligns with March Madness.”


Harrison Merrill (Co-Creator of the Dodgeball tournament)

Q: What has been your biggest frustration with this tournament?

A: “[The] biggest frustration [has been] getting people to sign up; [the process] has been slow so far.”

Q: Why should the Salem student body look forward to this event?

A: “Everyone should look forward to the tournament because it is a fun way to get teachers and students together to have some fun and play dodgeball. Who doesn’t want to play dodgeball with their teachers?”

Q: Background information: anything else he wants to include

A: “The last thing I’d like to include is that everyone can sign up; it is a [great] way to bring everyone together.”


Kennedy Jemison (Class of ‘23 V.P.) 

Q: Describe the process behind putting on such a big event as dodgeball?

A: Except prom, this is the biggest event the senior class has done all year. It took more than just the officers to plan this. Harrison Merrill played a big role in planning the tournament. We had to work out all the logistics: fundraising, the rules of the event, the schedule, and how much tickets will cost. It took about a month to get everything just right before presenting it to the principal, and even then we had to make some changes, but everything is set and ready so now we just have to wait for the big day.

Q: What are you most excited about with this event?

A: “I am most excited about actually hearing the commentators and seeing the action. I think it is going to hype up the school, so I am also excited about the potential school spirit that comes from this because people like dodgeball, people like to see competition in different ways.”

Q: What else do you want people to know about it?

A: “This is gonna be a spectacular event. We put a lot into the planning and the teams seem to be ready and dedicated. I think it is also something that could potentially be used in the future. If other classes wanted to take up the idea, I think it would be great for the future of Salem, especially since it is in the second half of the year. I think people need that little boost of motivation to let them know that they can keep going and they can find fun in school activities.”


The tournament will be played in a classic 16-bracket system with one winner at the end. It will take place on March 21st from 5-7 pm in the gymnasium. Concessions will be available as well as a halftime performance from our very own Academy Dance Company. Come out and support your friends and the class of 2023. For updates and more information on the tournament, follow @shsco23 on instagram.