The FDA is considering creating and recommending an annual Covid-19 vaccine, similar to the flu shot

Pros and cons of annual COVID vaccines


Kaden LeRoy, Staff Writer

According to PBS NewsHour, scientists have been looking into a way to simplify the vaccination process for Covid, allowing most adults and children to get an annual shot, similar to a flu shot. This means that the people who get all the booster shots won’t have to keep track of when their last booster was or how many they’ve had in the past. Furthermore, the simplicity of the vaccine process may convince some who previously stayed away due to the current complexities of getting vaccinated to get the vaccine.

“Personally, I would not be opposed to it,” said senior Trent McGarrigle. “I could see the need for it; however, I could also see the burden it would bring.”

Senior Zane Durkalski feels differently.

“While I’m not necessarily opposed to a yearly COVID shot, it seems redundant and excessive,” said Durkalski.

Not all scientists agree that a yearly booster is the way to go. One major issue is that the flu and Covid-19 are different diseases, so treating them the same might not be an effective strategy.

The question would then become if COVID vaccines could become mandatory for school like the MMR vaccine. According to Richmond Virginia’s ABC 8 News, the vaccine “will not be added to Virginia’s list of required school immunizations in the immediate future, but it could happen down the road depending on the actions of lawmakers and state regulators, according to the Virginia Department of Health.”

“I do not have a problem with mandatory COVID vaccinations in high school because people already have to get certain vaccinations to go to school,” said senior Ariana Ross. “However, I do understand the standpoint of ‘my body my choice.’”

Although the COVID vaccine will not be required for public schools in Virginia, this does not apply to private schools and colleges. Those schools can enforce different vaccination requirements.

“Because I’m vaccinated I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but I do [view] it as an optional vaccine like the flu shot,” said Ross.

No decisions have been made yet, but follow the SunDevil Times for updates on an annual COVID vaccine as they arise.