Hogwarts Legacy: A Review

Welcome to Hogwarts


Benjamin Cruz, Assistant editor in chief

Long time Harry Potter fans have yearned for a way to experience what it is like to be a student at Hogwarts. This wish was fulfilled on February 10th with the release of Hogwarts Legacy, an open world, action role playing game, where the player customizes their very own witch or wizard who attends Hogwarts and explores the magical world of Harry Potter

The question is: “Is Hogwarts Legacy worth 70$?” 

I will be breaking down most of the core aspects of the game and will explain whether or not it is worth your time and money.

You’re a wizard:

Character creation screen shot by Ben Cruz.

Arguably the most important aspect of this game is the ability to create your very own witch or wizard. Using all sorts of sliders, players are able to create their own unique character who they play as for the entire game. There is enough depth to make creating a character exciting, but there are some features I wish were options in customization.

I wish there were more varied body types and heights to choose from, as there is only so much individuality that can be implemented strictly through how your character’s head looks. I also find it odd that player’s can’t put makeup on their characters. It is another form of expression that helps add more layers to how character customization should feel. Besides these two little issues, customization has enough depth to make the player feel excited to insert themselves into the wizarding world.

The Beginning:

After creating your character, it is shown that you and your companion, Professor Fig, are on your way to Hogwarts for the sorting hat ceremony. Prior to this, you learn that your character is starting as a fifth year at Hogwarts. As is pointed out multiple times throughout the game, this type of thing is unheard of by most characters in the story. This brings up a very important aspect of the story that can be a little dangerous, as it is playing off of the typical “chosen one” type of story. This is not inherently a bad thing, but is not very new in these types of games. 

Back to our character and Professor Fig; they take to the sky and while they are on their way to the school, the vehicle they are riding in is attacked by a dragon. One thing leads to another and the two of you end up at some ruins. This area serves as a small tutorial section for how to use some very basic magic and how the flow of combat works as well. After some small puzzle sections utilizing the Lumos spell, the player gets introduced to who is assumed to be the main antagonist Ranrok. 

Ranrok is a goblin rebellion leader whose mission is to find the ancient magic hidden inside Hogwarts. Your character also so happens to be one of the few people who can see ancient magic. Not much is known about it, but it is generally described to be a really old and really strong type of magic. This gets elaborated on much more as you play the game. After escaping from Ranrok, you and Professor Fig get transported right to Hogwarts. This then leads to the iconic hat sorting ceremony.

Welcome to Hogwarts:

Entering the school, the player is seated and wears the sorting hat. This is one of the most important parts of the game, as this decision will dictate what quests the player has access to and where their school dorm is located. Each house varies, however this doesn’t really change the core main story. There is also a fun detail in which players are able to connect their games to their wizarding world account which allows them to automatically be assigned the house they got from the pottermore house quiz. It’s a nice layer of detail and immersion. The game also gives the player a quiz to sort them into a house if it has not already been assigned. It would be annoying to try and look up what specific answers will lead to whatever house the player wants, the game still offers the player the ability to just simply choose a house regardless of any quiz results. 

It is after the player is sorted into their house that the game starts to open up a little bit. This is where the main issue of the game pops up.

When can I start playing?:

The biggest issue with Hogwarts Legacy is the fact that the tutorial segments of the game are far too long and dragged out. I consider whenever the player get’s access to a broom and the room of requirement. It was after playing for a few hours that I was finally able to obtain these two crucial mechanics and it was a little obnoxious doing a bunch of tasks to finally reach the point in which I can go and fly out on my own and explore the open world effectively.

The game is not limited to just inside of Hogwarts as it opens up to the outside world beyond the walls of Hogwarts. 

The Open World:

Senior Ben Cruz’s character flying over the open world of Hogwarts Legacy. (Screen Shot: B. Cruz)

The world of Hogwarts Legacy is very interesting and expansive. There are plenty of different environments to explore and a multitude of enemies to face. There are also numerous different activities to partake in. There are puzzles that help increase inventory space, as well as mini dungeon-like areas that offer some very good loot. On top of the plethora of optional quests both inside and outside Hogwarts, there is a lot to do in this game. However, it may feel limited at times as certain areas or tasks require specific spells to access which requires the player to advance more in the story or optional quests. It only further adds to the issue of certain tutorial sections being dragged on.

The world is fun to explore, but combat is another aspect of the game that further amplifies the feeling of being in the world of Harry Potter.

Open world screenshot by Ben Cruz.


List of usable spells. Screenshot by Ben Cruz.

Combat is nothing short of satisfying and fun. Certain spells may take longer to obtain, but the game makes sure the player has access to the essential combat charms. Core mechanics include the basic cast and a barrier spell that can be followed up with stupefy. This allows players to be aggressive and adaptive during combat. There is nothing more satisfying than pelting an enemy with basic cast after countering their attack. Spice this up with utility charms like levioso and accio then the possibilities become nearly endless. Combos can be super creative and offer a ton of freedom as far as spell selection and synergy.

Overall, the combat is extremely fun and allows for both fast paced and creative action. Now after all of these factors, is Hogwarts Legacy worth it?

The Final Verdict:

Hogwarts Legacy is without a doubt the best way to experience the world of Harry Potter in your own shoes. There is a ton to unwrap with this game, and that is what makes it a slightly hard sell. It takes a while to get to the super fun mechanics and most players may just give up on it after the first few hours because of how slow it starts. There are mechanics that I have not even mentioned because that’s how much volume this game has. Seventy dollars  is pretty steep, but if the game ever goes on sale or you don’t mind a slightly dragged on early game, it is definitely worth picking up. It is available now on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC. Hogwarts Legacy also hits old gen consoles in early April and Nintendo Switch in late July.