Why You Should Watch Friends… Again

Revisiting Friends is worth your time


Julia Dixon, Staff Writer

Why should you watch or re-watch Friends? I’ll tell you why. Friends is hilarious and has a ton of romantic elements with every character. You get to see all the relationships these six characters have throughout the 10 seasons.

According to Cosmopolitan’s article “70 ‘Friends’ Facts Every Superfan Should Know,”

 “Friends was supposed to have just four friends. Chandler and Phoebe were originally written as supporting roles.” 

Matthew Perry plays Chandler, David Schwimmer plays Ross, Jennifer Anniston plays Rachel, Lisa Kudrow plays Phoebe, and Matt Leblanc plays Joey. Joey is the funny, slightly slow, and caring character and Chandler is the sarcastic funny character. A fun fact is that Matthew Perry actually came up with a lot of the jokes for the dialogue in the script of Chandler. Ross is the whiny, dorky, loving character and the “dinosaur guy.” Monica is the clean freak, perfectionist, responsible character. Phoebe is the slightly slow, weird, strange, lovable, funny, and caring character. 

Phoebe and Chandler are my favorite characters. An article from easternecho.com states, “there’s not one episode throughout the entire series where Chandler doesn’t crack a sarcastic comment. He’s the comic relief of the show and the one who can always put a smile on your face, even if it’s at his own expense… could he be any funnier?”

”I have watched Friends four times all the way through. I’ve watched singular episodes over and over. I laugh at every joke every time I watch it. Friends makes me laugh and just feel better when I watch it after a stressful day,” said GRADE LEVEL Madison Sherman.  “The comedy is great and you can connect well with the characters. I know that when I am watching Friends everything will be okay afterwards. 

According to www.beano.com, the finale of Friends was the fourth most watched TV finale in USA TV history. 

 “It’s just a funny show in general,” said junior Trey Kearns. “While also having some genuine romantic moments.” 

According to easternechol.com, “the beauty of this show is that there is no main character. Every person in the group has their own story and we get to be a part of each one.” 

The character of Rachel was supposed to be stuck up and unlikeable. However, Rachel turned out to be a lot of people’s favorite. Anniston was able to make the audience love the stuck up spoiled brat we were supposed to hate. 

Another highlight of the show is Ross and Rachel’s ever changing relationship status. Ross and Rachel’s off and on relationship is iconic. Everyone knows Ross and Rachel for their famous “we were on a break” line. Some people love them together and some people hate them together.

Monica and Chandler are also an iconic couple. Unlike Ross and Rachel, viewers couldn’t tell that Monica and Chandler were going to be together later while watching the first four seasons. 

There are so many seasons that after you are done with the finale, you can just watch it all again. You tend to forget about some of the episodes, so it becomes new in a way. It doesn’t feel overwhelming and allows you to experience the show over and over again without getting bored. Friends is available on HBO Max.