What’s new with NHS?

Updated rules and requirements in the National Honor Society


Anna Grace Riegle, Editor in chief

For members of NHS, or the National Honor Society, things are looking a little different. There are updated requirements for members old and new, as well as a new application process in the works.

“We’re in the process of revamping the application process and requirements to become an NHS member, but we’re not quite there yet,” said co-NHS sponsor Kris Shows.

Co-NHS sponsor Veronica Ruiz confirmed that the application process will be the same, but the requirements to qualify for NHS will be different to accommodate 4×4 scheduling. 

Attendance at general assembly meetings is mandatory for all NHS members. If a member is unable to attend a certain meeting, they must communicate with an NHS sponsor ahead of time in order to remain in good standing. 

New NHS members, as well as current members, must commit to completing 15 service hours within NHS and 15 service hours outside of NHS. If they do not meet these requirements by the end of their senior year, they will not receive NHS honors cords or recognition at graduation.

“Having both inside and outside hours is designed with the function that it represents you as a person, not just a student,” said Treasurer Lucas Gordon. “While it requires you to be an active member of the chapter, it requires to seek out your own ways to impact your community.”

All senior outside hours were due on May 1 and junior hours are due May 31. These hours must be completed by said dates to remain in good standing.

NHS stands on four pillars: “service, character, scholarship, and citizenship.” In this upcoming school year, service hours will need to be more specific and purposeful, in accordance with these four pillars. 

“NHS really focuses on students to be a well-rounded person,” said NHS historian Julia Foronda. “Service teaches a lot like collaboration and communication which is a beneficial skill needed for students to be successful for their futures.”

With new points requirements come new events to take part in, from service projects within the Salem community to helping out at our partner school Rosemont Forest Elementary. 

“It’s really crucial that members take part in these service opportunities since NHS is designed to enhance students’ engagement with the community,” said Foronda. “It also broadens a student’s perspective and gives them the ability to be more open-minded.”

According to the community service hours verification form, “outside hours may begin in June for the 23-24 school year,” so it’s not too early to start thinking about getting those hours for next year!

NHS welcomes new members each year, honoring the students that actively serve communities within and beyond the walls of Salem. Keep an eye out for applications next year, as well as new projects from NHS.

Below is a closing message from NHS Sponsors Veronica Ruiz and Kristen Shows.
“At Salem, we believe that meaningful Service is a crucial aspect of being a member of the National Honor Society. We encourage students to engage in service activities that are fueled by personal passions, specific causes, or a desire to help those in need. By participating in service, students can develop teamwork skills, foster a sense of camaraderie, and strengthen their connection with both their school and local communities. While COVID-19 posed challenges in finding ways to provide service while maintaining social distancing, we are excited to now offer NHS members opportunities to develop relationships, partnerships, and leadership skills through service activities as they work to become well-rounded citizens.”